Bad posture is a cure for sneezing.

Like many people, I sit in front of the computer all day for my work. Sometimes, I get so caught up in what I am doing that I don’t realize my body is contorted in a way that is unnatural and unhealthy.

allergies, sneezing, saline spray, non-medicated, sniffles Consequently, I woke up one day last week with excruciating pain that I felt it from my neck to lower back. However, I would only feel it when I took a deep breath or yawned.

I could move around pretty comfortably as long as I didn’t breathe deep so it wasn’t a big deal to take a walk outside. My neighbor had just mowed their lawn, the air was dry and soon I felt that tickle in my nose from grass pollen flying around.

No surprise, I felt a sneeze coming on, followed by searing pain from back muscles I didn’t know I had. Suddenly the urge to sneeze went away.

It happened a few more times until I grabbed my herbal-enhanced saline spray to rinse out irritants in my nose and intercept any urges to sneeze.  It helped a lot although blowing my nose afterwards had to be done gently due to the same muscles being used.

I went to a massage therapist who promptly me told me all the things I was do wrong when I am in front of the computer. The massage truly helped and I was finally able to sneeze the other day.

This experience has led to my new appreciation for the human body. The Body tells us when it is threatened or not being cared for. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen.

It is letting us know when we do not sit straight and thereby strain muscles that keep us intact and on the move; or when we get sniffles from inhaled pollutants.

I now get up and walk around and stretch more frequently to avoid muscle strain. I also use my non-medicated saline spray when my nose first feels itchy so I can avoid further discomfort.

While timing is not always opportune, I would still rather be able to sneeze.

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