Achoo! There’s an App for that!

Some may turn up their nose at the thought of using a mobile application that helps you know the pollen forecast for your area.

But many people become almost debilitated by seasonal allergies, according to many #allergies posts on Twitter. The itchy eyes and nose make it difficult to breathe and Tweeters want everyone to know it.


seasonal allergies, allergens, airborne irritants, saline spray, pollen

It’s a good idea to check the pollen forecast before you go outside if you suffer from seasonal allergies. created the Allergy Alert app last year. It’s a free download and provides index levels for four different conditions: Allergy (Pollen), Asthma, Cold and Cough, and Ultraviolet Sensitivity.

Once downloaded and started, the application can detect where you are and the pollen count.

ow Ford Motors has made it easier for its drivers to safely learn about the pollen forecast by syncing its voice-activated system in the cars so that drivers can speak simple commands to learn about potential airborne irritants.

With nearly 40 million Americans suffering form indoor/outdoor allergies, there is potential to help many people who become miserable by breathing in pollutants.

In fact, avoiding the irritants that make you uncomfortable is the best way to stay sniffle free. But that’s nearly impossible for many.

So having a way to be forewarned of potential allergens is really a good idea. So is keeping a bottle of saline spray with you so that you can rinse out the allergens and clear your sinuses.



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