The other fall allergy to watch for

When fall allergies come to mind, ragweed pollen is often labeled the culprit. Many people certainly are suffering from itchy noses, sneezing and watery eyes this season, but ragweed may not be the only offender.

“Mold is of big concern this time of year. Mold spores are prevalent in the wet, dead leaves that many people rake up in their yards,” says Ed Neuzil, ARNP, PhD and owner of the Allergy Sinus and Asthma Family Health Center in Central Florida. “Mold is not only a nasal or respiratory contaminant but it can also cause skin rashes to people who are allergic to the spores.”

mold allergies, itchy nose, mold spores, nasal contaminant, fall allergies, sneezing, Ed Neuzil, watery eyes,According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, it is common for people to have mold allergies if they or other family members are allergic to other contaminants such as pollen or animal dander.

Mold spores are spread in a variety of ways and they easily grow in a number of damp environments such as your yard or even inside in the kitchen, bathroom or basement.

The symptoms of mold allergies are similar to those that come with hay fever but when inhaled in the lungs, mold spores can lead to asthma or other serious respiratory illnesses.

The methods for avoiding allergic reactions to mold are the same as during hay fever season.

  •  Stay inside.
  • Take precautions to remove dampness in your home such as removing carpeting in the bathroom or turning on the exhaust fan.
  • Clean sinks and tubs regularly to remove buildup that encourage fungi growth.
  • Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture in the basement or other potentially damp rooms.

“Rinsing the nose after working outside will help get rid of the contaminants that may lead to allergic reactions,” encourages Neuzil.

A medical practitioner can help you determine if you have a mold allergies and then will discuss options to prevent and treat symptoms.

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