Packing for Holiday Travel? Don’t forget your nose

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Airplanes can be like flying petri dishes because people travel with germs that can be dispersed throughout the cabin.

One of my all-time favorite stories about germs in airports was told by a friend who traveled to Greece with her young twins. While in line at JFK Airport security, the mom recalled looking around at the many people, of many different nationalities, who came from different countries. She thought about the diverse array of germs that must be floating around in that big room. And as she looked around, her eyes fell on her young daughter whose mouth encircled the top of a rope-line stanchion.  Imagine her horror! The child did survive, by the way.

Traveling can make you more susceptible to getting sick because of the potential exposure to all sorts of bugs from a lot of people in close quarters. Plus, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated, especially during air travel, because of the high altitude. Our bodies need water to function properly, and that includes helping to fight off germs.

Few anticipate feeling lousy while going away for the holidays or a business trip. Arming yourself is easy and you’ll be glad you are prepared.

  • Be sure to pack items for “just in case”:  tissues, nasal irrigation, laundry soap to wash clothes that get particles trapped in the weave, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • The dry air in-flight or visits to high altitudes can leave nasal passages parched and irritated. Swollen sinuses can cause additional discomfort due to the change in pressure during takeoff and landing.  An herbal-enhanced nasal spray will soothe and moisturize your nose making it easier to breath.
  • Your nose has natural protectants which help fight airborne bacteria and germs. When nasal passages are dried out, as when you’re on an airplane, those natural protectants don’t work as well. By moisturizing nasal passages, you can help ward off the germs your fellow passengers brought on board with them. A nasal spray can help. Also, drink lots of water, bring a mask to wear, and antiseptic wipes for surfaces you’ll touch.

Taking precautions can help protect you from getting sick so that you enjoy the holiday. Make sure not licking airport handrails is part of that protocol.


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