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Natural Relief from Flu Misery

Many Americans are already suffering from the impact of an early flu season by either fighting the symptoms or battling to keep from getting sick. A natural saline spray is an important to have on hand to provide relief and protection.

When seeing patients at his own allergy, sinus and asthma practice in Central Florida, Ed Neuzil, ARNP, PhD and developer of Dr. Neuzil’s Irrigator nasal cleansing spray encourages patients to use a nasal rinse with natural essential oils to:

Central Florida allergist, Ed Neuzil, nasal saline spray, sinus rinse, nasal irrigation, congestion

Ed Neuzil, ARNP, PhD and owner of a Central Florida allergy, sinus and asthma clinic encourages patients to use a nasal saline spray to rinse pollutants from the nose.

  • Reduce congestion and cough associated with thick nasal mucus and post nasal drainage;
  • Soothe irritated sinuses;
  • Moisturize nasal passages thereby preserving natural protectants in our noses.

“Think of the saline spray as irrigating out the bad stuff that can lead to discomfort,” said Neuzil. “When the mucous is gone and the sinus irritation improved, the patient feels better. A sinus wash is especially good for children because it is safe and non-irritating.”

Dr. Neuzil’s Irrigator is approved for children age four and up and has the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval. It comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle so relief is at hand when you need it, unlike other sinus rinses that are messy and require mixing.

Neuzil encourages his patients to regularly rinse their nose with the herbal-enhanced saline spray even when they are not sick, as a preventative measure against illness.

  • It will rinse out dust, pollen, pet dander and other potential allergic triggers which cause sinus irritation and often lead to congestion, cough, itchy eyes, etc.
  • The spray will moisturize nasal passages thereby preserving the cilia or tiny hairs in the nose which trap airborne germs and irritants.
  • Saline sprays will help open up nasal passages so patients breathe easier throughout the day.