Watch for Winter Allergies

Many across the country are bracing for a massive winter storm that will force them indoors for some time; but they may be indoor allergens, winter weather, exposing themselves to indoor allergens that can lead to itchy noses and eyes and nasal congestion.

Central heating circulates warm air throughout the home but also blows dust, dust mites and pet dander which can trigger irritation. A lit fireplace makes for a warm, cozy room but can also release smoke and pollutants into the air.

A still-displayed Christmas tree can be a culprit as mold spores on the pine needs may be circulated, especially when the tree is moved about on its way to disposal. Mold spores are especially dangerous for asthmatics and can trigger allergic reactions.

And while residents in the northern and Midwestern states may be envious of those of us in the South, they may turn a lighter outdoor allergens, seasonal allergies, warmer weathershade of green knowing that the seasonal allergies are kicking into high gear outside due to the warmer weather.

Ed Neuzil, ARNP, PhD and owner of the Allergy, Sinus and Asthma Family Health Center in Central Florida offers advice in this video to help stay sniffle free which can be helpful no matter which climate you live in.

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