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Winter Woes for your Nose

winter, indoor allergies, heat, nasal congestionMany across the country are stuck indoors after the recent winter storm. While having protection from the cold and snow outside may be the first concern, people should also beware of indoor allergens that can lead to itchy noses and eyes and nasal congestion.

Central heating circulates warm air throughout the home but also blows dust, dust mites and pet dander which can trigger irritation. A lit fireplace makes for a warm, cozy room but can also release smoke and pollutants into the air.

And while residents in the northern and Midwestern states may be envious of those of us in the South, they may turn a lighter shade of green knowing that the seasonal allergies will soon kick into high gear due to warmer temperatures.

Ed Neuzil, ARNP, PhD and owner of the Allergy, Sinus and Asthma Family Health Center in Central Florida offers advice in this video to help stay sniffle free which can be helpful no matter which climate you live in.