Don’t let allergies ruin your summer plans.

Ready to travel open suitcase with summer equipment isolated

Be sure to pack items to help prevent and treat allergy symptoms you might encounter during summer vacation.

Before you head out for your summer vacation, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and protected from any allergy flare-ups and other symptoms that can make you miserable.

Few anticipate feeling lousy while on vacation or a business trip. Arming yourself is easy and you’ll be glad you are prepared. Traveling with kids? Ditto x 10.

  • Don’t leave home without it: Travelers should consider the “blooming” seasons of your destinations when making plans. Be sure to pack items that will help with relief: tissues, nasal irrigation, laundry soap to wash clothes that get particles trapped in the weave, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Give me moisture: The dry air in-flight or visits to high altitudes can leave nasal passages parched and irritated. Swollen sinuses can cause additional discomfort due to the change in pressure during takeoff and landing. A couple of sprays of an herbal enhanced nasal spray will soothe and moisturize your nose making it easier to breath.
  • Sunlight symptoms: Some people are allergic to sunlight which can cause itchy, uncomfortable rashes. In some cases, this allergy can develop over time or can be hereditary. Medical experts suggest avoiding the sun or wear sun-protective clothing if you do go outside. Keep moisturizer and creams with corticosteroids handy. If the skin reactions are severe, be sure to visit a medical professional.

Then there are those things that can cause allergic reactions that you may not recognize. Being allergic to chlorine is not uncommon. Also, some of the fruits that are in season may share similar proteins as the weeds and grasses that trigger your seasonal allergies.

All this doesn’t mean you should only plan “Staycations,” but be aware and prepared so you can enjoy your summer adventure.


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