New Year’s Resolution: Rinse Your Nose Regularly

 The start of a new year is a time when many choose to start new behaviors. Whether it’s beginning an exercise routine, making better nutrition choices or just planning to be kinder, many have resolved to do something different.

Consider doing something new for your nose.

Nasal irrigation has long been recognized as a beneficial way to clear the nose of mucus,

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A nasal spray with simple saline can eliminate the allergic triggers that may lead to annoying symptoms that affect your quality of life.

small particles and even bacteria and viruses that can lead to discomfort and inflammation.

The use of a saline solution that is streamed through the nose has been in practice since ancient times.  While often effective, the practice can be messy and uncomfortable to the squeamish.  A number of products are available to make it easier to practice and many prefer to mix their own solutions.

Medical practitioners tout nasal rinse therapy has helping to manage symptoms of rhino-sinusitis and rhinitis. Non-medicated versions can be effective and are generally safe. When practiced on a regular basis –daily even – the user may experience a significant reduction in symptoms associated with sinus issues such as congestion and itchiness.

Because saline has some anti-microbial properties, there are additional benefits in using a rinse or Neti-pot. Some over-the-counter nasal sprays are enhanced with herbs and essential oils which also have benefits including natural anti-bacterial as well as moisturizing properties which can help soothe irritated nasal passages.

Doctors warn, however, that contamination of the sinus rinse equipment can lead to nasal infections or worse in rare case so proper sterilization is recommended.

Bottom line: by getting into the habit of rinsing your nasal passages regularly, you can help avoid sinus symptoms that otherwise can be annoying or may even affect your quality of life.



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